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Working at St. Mary's of Michigan
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A Word from Our Staff

David Wachowiak
20 yrs at St. Mary's of Michigan
As an associate of for over twenty years I believe the reasons for working at St. Mary's of Michigan are as varied as the opportunities available to grow as an associate. Plus I feel as though I am an integral part of helping to realize the ongoing mission of caring for the poor and vulnerable.

I began my career as a nursing assistant/telemetry technician and through on-the-job training, tuition reimbursement assistance and fellow associate support, I was able to receive and obtain additional skills to advance to the bio medical department and then into a leadership position.

The sense of being called to work and grow in a values-driven, mission-based ministry such as St. Mary's of Michigan with like minded people that are always striving to give the best they have to offer is why I continue to stay at St. Mary's of Michigan.