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Jobs at St. Mary's of Michigan
For 'Find A Physician' service or other questions, please call us at 1-800-STMARYS (786-2797).

Working at St. Mary's of Michigan
Open Positions
If you are currently employed with St. Mary's of Michigan, please view postings on Inside Scoop to view internal only postings.

A Word from Our Staff

Shane Prevost
4 yrs with St. Mary's of Michigan
"Why I love St. Mary's of Michigan?

Honestly, it's the people that work here. They are the most compassionate, talented and loyal people I have ever known. I truly believe that St. Mary's of Michigan is the Best Health Care Facility in the State of Michigan. The only obstacle we have is that we all collectively don't realize this fact. The opportunities that we have to improve the service to our patients should be considered a welcome challenge provided to us by our creator.
We work in an environment in which our sole purpose is to serve one another. This is a truly a blessing and we have been blessed."